Prices – Silver Kart Karting and Event Centre

Let’s see our STAG PARTY packages!

Prices for Silver Kart Karting and Event Centre individual guests:

  • one race ticket: 2050 HUF / 8 minutes
  • child ticket: 1850 HUF / 8 minutes (under 12 years)
  • ON SALE: If you buy three races at a time and use it the same day, the
    3 suitable race tickets are 5,400 HUF instead of 6,150 HUF/ person discount race tickets can not be purchased in the form of vouchers!
  • 10 time lease: 17.500 HUF / 10 sessions (up to 2 people can use, not limited in time)
  • Unlimited day pass. HUF 12,500 (it can be used every day of the week – except on Saturdays)

Please watch the track reservation to make sure that is free to you! A calendar can be viewed on the front page or by clicking here , during the course booking menu!

SiLverKart Karting track reservation

The Silver Kart Karting and Event Center is also possible to rent for a private track!In this case, You and your friand will be the only racers on the track!You can book a minimum of 6 and go-cart at least half an hour, at the cost 38,000 HUF + VAT

Please observe the following instructions when booking:

  • Please fill in all the fields, because without that the reservation is not accepted!
  • The reservation is only valid with the confirmation!
  • Book a minimum of 30 minutes, with 6 karts for 38 000HUF+VAT; 7 karts for  42 750HUF + VAT; and 8 karts for  47,500 HUF + VAT
  • 1 hour go-cart track lease costs: 6 karts 76,000 HUF + VAT; 7 karts  85 500 HUF +VAT  or 8 karts for 95,000 HUF + VAT

The reservation is not considered final before our colleague sends you a confirmation e-mail and after telephone consultation!